Immigration Law is by far the most dynamic compare any other area of Laws. It undergoes a continual change in terms of Policy, Rules, Regulations etc. A vast majority of the programs introduced in Canadian Immigration in order to attract and facilitate the immigration of the people who are deemed to be eligible; most likely to adapt to Canadian way of life and there by succeed in life. Opening up the pathways that the immigrants could take and contribute to the Canadian Economy, Society and the country as a whole.

Every program is designed in a way that the most competent and willing to immigrate can pursue their ability further and come to Canada. The eligibility requirements are set accordingly, even after being eligible and qualified for the specific program a wide range of people gets refused to gain ultimate success of their application. The main reason behind this is the failure to figure out the factors, and the ability to match the selection criteria as to how they apply to specific application. Our prime concern is those who are qualified and we put our best effort on the table to protect their right and get them the ensured best possible service to maximize the possibility of getting through the process. .

First of all, we figure out eligibility of the applicants and thereby identify potential immigrants by conducting a preliminary assessment. Candidates may fill in the required biographical information online or at our offices, or send their CV’s via e-mail, fax or post. If you are deemed qualified, we will proceed further by providing you a full document checklist and supporting documents package including original application forms and instructions and guidelines. At this stage, you will become one of our registered clients. Our experts will guide you through the process of collecting your supporting documents, including passport, photographs, bank statements, police clearance and certificates for work experience, education or training, birth, marriage, educational credential assessment report etc. For business applicants, additional business licenses, audit reports, histories of acquisition etc., will also be required. Upon receiving your portfolio with supporting documents, we will review and submit your file to the Canada Immigration. .

We will endeavour as far as possible to make the application complete and meeting the requirement of the deciding officer. Also train you for any sort of personal interview if required. By means of interview workshops, mock interviews and by providing you with all relevant information including probable questions and answers to get you through the process. .

Following a successful interview or an approval without a personal interview, you will be required to remit the Right of Permanent Residence Fee to the Canadian Government, along with Professional fee of SHAMOZ Immigration Consulting Inc. as per the Retainer Agreement.