Immigration in Post Covid-19

Canada like any other big economies in the world has been affected by the Covid – 19 related unemployment. As a result of the economic stress the unemployment in Canada is higher than 13 percent. Accompanying with some demographical factors i.e the growing Aging Population in Canada which is around 10 million, this big number is going to retire and stope directly contributing to the economy very soon; The decreasing birth rate of the Canadians is alarming. These will have an unavoidable impact on the economy.

Canada has always been very smart coming up with innovative Immigration programs that helped the economy of Canada grow and remain steady. Newcomers to Canada are typically younger, well educated, and job creators. They also help keep the population growing. A drop in immigration at this stage will jeopardize the Canadian economy in the long run. The loss of these nine million workers cannot be replaced with Canada’s natural population growth and therefore Canada needs immigration now more than ever.

It goes without saying that the Government in Canada need to do a lot more to get back to the flow it had before the Covid – 19 pandemics hit the world. Economists are hopeful that the unemployment rate will go down as more economies begin to reopen and workers return to their jobs. There is already much higher job creation in the month of May, which leads us to end on a positive note.

Now, it’s not just the permanent immigration Canada needs. Foreign students stimulate our post-secondary educational institutions. Those institutions then use that funding to spur innovation that attracts investment in Canada, which in turn creates jobs. Foreign workers also contribute to the Canadian economy by filling gaps in the labour market and supporting local economies. Those local economies use that revenue to fund social programs and build infrastructure which also creates new jobs. In simple words, Canada will require more Skilled Workers to fill the demand for labour; Investors to take the opportunities and scope created by the innovations lead by the International students supported by the world class programs offered by the universities that has built a billion of dollars fund available.

It is the time for the Canadian Immigration to prove once again by coming up with aggressive steps towards eligible and competent candidates across the world. And set another example to the world by nourishing the world best immigration system!