Md Shah Raihan Mozid

Member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada
Regulatory Council (ICCRC)

Licensed Recruiter for the Province of Saskatchewan

Commissioner for Oaths

Md Shah Raihan Mozid has a proven record of providing consultation. Consulting employees and people from diversified background. Starting the career as a Human Resource Professional in a MNC and then attaining the Professional title of RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant) has made him even more competent when it comes to counsel.

Mr. Raihan is an immigrant to Canada. After immigrating to Canada, he has vested his time and interest in Immigration. He has earned the Certificate of Immigration Consultant from a prestigious and the leading institution teaching Immigration Law in Canada. After finishing the degree in honours and achieving outstanding grade in the program he persuaded to become a member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada (ICCRC). He intended to be authorized by the Government of Canada to help processing guiding and advising people across the world, who wants to settle in Canada.

He is also a Member of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC). Mr. Raihan is recognized by government of Canada as an Authorized Representative who can deal with the Canadian immigration authorities on behalf of clients and can represent, advise or consult the clients regarding their Canadian immigration applications. Authorized representative recognized by the Federal government organizations including the departments of Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) and Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) as well as Provincial and Territorial Governments.

Given the dynamics of profession and his professional obligation to his clients, he continues to acquire and develop skills through the continuous professional development activities in Canada that involves attending training sessions, seminars and information sessions related to immigration consulting services.