Massage Therapist?

Massage therapist across the world with at least 1-year of work experience may be eligible for immigrating to Canada. Massage therapist can potentially get through one of many skilled worker immigration programs. Massage therapists are given a high weightage in Canada as a profession. The practical importance of the profession on the productive population is great. On the top the massage therapists can potentially earn a handsome amount every year to live well along with his/her family.

Canada has plan to welcome around One million skilled worker from different parts of the world by 2022. Almost every Province and Territories has a huge demand for massage therapists. More over massage therapists may earn somewhere around $55,00.00 CAD per annum. On the top the high standard of living must not be forgotten. Massage therapist is a skill level ‘B’ job under the National Occupational Category (NOC). The profession does not require very high proficiency in English communication. It requires a secondary level education only. However, we should not forget that higher education may enhance the possibility to be picked up! Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan are specifically in need of massage therapists as all these provinces have put this occupation in their Critical Occupation to be filled.

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