Travel ban extended

Ottawa has announced an extension of the COVID-19 related travel restrictions for any non-essential travel to Canada until at least July 31. This announcement came on June 30 as the previous travel ban was set come to an end on the same day. The travel ban prevents any non-essential travel to Canada. The immediate family members are exempted from this ban, if they are Canadian or the immediate family member of Canadians.

Understanding essential travel to Canada:

Canadian Citizen or their immediate family member; Permanent residents or their immediate family travelling to Canada to reunite. Newly issued permanent resident visa and they are coming to Canada to make their first landing to become the permanent resident. Most work permit holders travel to Canada, provided the requirement of mandatory self isolation for 14 days; International students if their school is open; Students whose school is not open but their primary residence is in Canada are also free to return. Essential workers or anyone involved in the transportation of goods and services.

Above mentioned are defined as essential or not falling in non-essential travel to Canada. However, the Canadian Border Service Agency (CBSA) officials do have some discretion when it comes to enforcing these rules and in exceptional circumstances, some non-essential travel may be permitted.