Biometric Exemption!

Workers in the agricultural field, healthcare fields and truck drivers are identified as essential service workers during the Covid – 19 Pandemic period. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have temporarily exempted some foreign workers from having to provide biometrics before coming to Canada.

If a worker whose profession is deemed to be essential and coming to Canada on a valid work permit, will be exempt from the biometrics requirement if the biometric facility near the applicant’s residence is closed. However, they need to comply with the new rule of self-isolation which is mandatory regardless the situation or condition of the employment when the worker arrives inside Canada. The quarantine period of 14 days is a mandatory to be facilitated by the employer for the essential worker.

Regardless of the nature of work if anyone with a pending Canadian visa application have been asked to provide biometrics, will be automatically granted an extension until they can be obtained.