The Canadian Immigration is a deeply rooted and a significant part of the history of Canada. Canada is one of the very few developed countries that has a very long and reach history of immigrants starting from even before it’s independence. It has an eventful history of immigrants from diversified ethnic groups. Canada has cherished a proud history of multiculturalism and a peaceful co-existence and has set an example to the rest of the world.

It is said that the country is built by the immigrants! Canadians are respectful to their ancestors who laid the strong base of the co-existence of diversified ethnic groups and made an extraordinary and proud history of multiculturalism. Canada is continuing upholding the strong character of diversity and building a unique identity of exceptionally multicultural society.

Canada has set an example leading and showing the rest of the world as to how a country can manage the immigration and ensure the mutual benefits for all the stakeholders while keeping each smallest segment of society very well managed and balanced.

Canada is maintaining one of the most advanced immigration systems in the world. It has introduced a wide variety of streams open to the applicants from rest of the world. The immigration is evolved keeping few factors to its core. i.e giving the opportunity to the competent persons to come to Canada and settle themselves, live a better life while contributing to the Canadian economy and society; family reunification; offering safe home to those who are facing persecution to the country of their habitual residence as Canada is the leading signee of the UN’s relevant conventions and protocols; last but obviously not the least is the safety and security of Canadians.

Canada has a beautiful demography. It has a healthy and diversified environment and demographic beauty across the provinces and territories. Canada is offering world class education and health care service. The natural beauty and one the world’s leading education system has been a prime attraction for visitors and international students around the world. Canada is offering study permits to thousands of international students every year. It is also one of the highest tourists visiting country in the world.

Canada has been successful to build up a strong system to ensure that the eligible and competent people get to access the resources while the ineligible can be identified and restricted to entry to Canada. The country has a strong regulatory body to authorize and regulate the licensed immigration consultants to work with the departments of the government, so that the system works smooth and synchronize with the ultimate objective.